KARACHI  -   Pakistan People’s Party has threatened to besiege Governor House and residences of PTI lawmakers after political tensions have gone up in Islamabad amid no-trust move.

“If PTI activists do not return from the Sindh House then our activists have also seen the door of Governor House and they will respond in the same manner,” Information Minister a Saeed Ghani said as soon as television screens ran footages of PTI activists entering the Sindh House where more than dozen disgruntled PTI lawmakers were present to vote against PM Imran Khan during vote of no-confidence.

He said that the PPP will lay siege of the Governor House if PTI activists do not retreat from the Sindh House.  Soon after his announcement, PPP activists also gathered outside the Governor House led by SACM and PPP youth wing leader Javed Nayyab Leghari and PPP MPA Shehla Raza to protest against PTI activists who entered the premises of the Sindh House. However they were later dispersed by the provincial police as soon as the PTI activists dispersed from outside the Sindh House.

Meanwhile, reports also suggested that PPP local leaders in Karachi have also been directed to stage protest outside the residences of PTI lawmakers in the province in case of any attack on Sindh House.

Responding to PPP threats, Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping and PPP Sindh President Ali Zaidi said that if anyone tries to harm any of their Parliamentarians in Sindh or attack their houses, they will directly hold Asif Zardari, Bilawal Zardari and Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah responsible for any harm or damage caused.

“Federal Govt has shown patience. Don’t act like rowdy children. Behave yourself!” he said in his message from Twitter handle.