I want to emphasize that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has not brought about any positive changes for the people of Gwadar. Instead, it has created more problems such as a lack of job opportunities, a poor education system, an absence of traffic lights, and illegal fishing practices that deplete the sea’s resources. These issues have caused a lot of suffering for the people of Gwadar, leading to recent protests and reports of food shortages.

Unfortunately, the only way for Gwadar’s youth to secure their future is to avoid drugs and try to earn pocket money through alternative means such as fishing. However, even this livelihood is threatened by the illegal fishing practices that are rampant in the area. It is disheartening to hear reports that fishermen may soon be forced to “eat stones” due to the lack of fish in the area.

Furthermore, it is unacceptable that trawling is still occurring in Gwadar despite the objections of the local population. The government has a responsibility to protect the rights of its citizens and prevent outsiders from exploiting their resources. It is essential that the government takes immediate action to address these issues and prioritize the well-being of the people of Gwadar.

I urge Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to take serious steps to address the problems facing the people of Gwadar and ensure that they are not treated like animals. The government must prioritize the needs of the people and work to improve their quality of life by providing adequate food, education, job opportunities, and protection of their resources. I hope that the Prime Minister will take swift action to address these issues and bring about positive change for the people of Gwadar.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt