Dr. Mary Stiasny, Pro VC University of London meets PM Shehbaz

ISLAMABAD       -         Dr. Mary Stiasny, Pro Vice Chancellor for University of London met the honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif to brief him about University of London Degrees being taught in Pakistan for the last 40 years.

The Law Programme of University of London is the oldest Transnational Education TNE law degree in Pakistan and considered to be the most prestigious law degree being offered in Pakistan. She also briefed the honourable Prime Minister about how the Law and Business Degree Alumni of University of London have contributed positively and significantly in Pakistan.

Saad Wasim, Regional Advisor South Asia for University of London told the honourable PM on how University of London has revamped the Transnational Education TNE landscape in Pakistan and how students have benefited from the UK Education System in Pakistan. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, Chairman Higher Education Commission HEC, Pakistan also attended the meeting.

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