SADIQABAD  - A family, flanked by a large number of locals, protested against a local councillor by displaying his posters on buffaloes for abducting their girl here the other day. 

Munir Ahmed, father of the abducted girl, told the media that councillor Mian Shabbir got his newly-married daughter Sidra abducted when she was on her way to meet her relatives about 15 days ago.  

“The police were complained about the incident but are reluctant to take action against the accused and threatening us with dire consequences,” he alleged. He sought justice from Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and the police high-ups. 

Councillor Mian Shabbir Ahmed, on the other hand, rejected the allegation and said that the family has been accusing him of their girl’s abduction at the behest of his political rivals. “The girl’s parents had sent to their relatives and blamed him for abduction,” he claimed.