LAHORE (PR) - Gul Ahmed brings you the perfect ensembles for an extravagant styling affair. This Eid, get outfit for your own choice with our luxurious collection of embroidered silk, chiffon, linen and cotton silk three piece unstitched fabrics.

Choose suits paired with intricate hand embroidered dupattas, or go for plain ones in silk finish.

You have the advantage of getting your fabric stitched the way you like.

Don’t forget the amazing hand embroidered laces and motifs you can experiment with three piece suit that has a glamorous piece to offer.

With more than 50 amazing prints to add festivity to your Eid, you will have trouble picking just one. Head over to Ideas stores today and enjoy the best of luxury with our Festive Luxury Collection.

Real men are the ones who can carry Shalwar kameez with grace and sophistication. Gul Ahmed is made for all such men, with 100% high quality fabric. Gul Ahmed unstitched fabric gives you the advantage of experimenting with cuts and designs. The quality of the fabric gives your style much-needed radiance.  Our traditional excellence is a class apart, delivering you the same brilliance in our Men’s Summer Collection a wide range of quality fabrics, including the classic Chairman Latha, Councilor Latha, Poplin and Wash’n’Wear.