LAHORE - The Federal Investigation Agency claimed on Thursday to have arrested two more characters of illegal kidney transplant case.

Both the accused were involved in helping doctors in unauthorised Operation theaters as assistants, according to an FIA spokesperson.

Teams from FIA corporate crime circle Lahore were constituted to arrest Muhammad Athar, an operation theatre assistant at Lahore General Hospital, and Naveed Hameed, also an operation theatre assistant at Mayo Hospital.

Both the accused were active partners of main suspects, Dr Fawad Mumtaz Khan and Dr Muhammad Altamash. Besides these two doctors, the Agency has arrested eight other persons for carrying out illegal kindey transplants.

The assistants, who were arrested on Thursday, disclosed that they had helped Dr Fawad Mumtaz Khan and Dr Altamash Kharal carrying out hundreds of illegal kidney transplants in Lahore, Gujrat, Kharian, Mirpur Azad Kashmir and Islamabad.

After the arrest of Dr Fawad Mumtaz khan and Dr Altamash, both of them had gone in hiding.

In separate raids, the FIA officials arrested Muhammad Athar from district Vehari and Naveed Hameed from a suburb of Lahore.