LAHORE -  A group of legislators belonging to the Jahangir Tareen group met with Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz at his office on Wednesday and discussed current political situation in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the defection clause of the Constitution.  Those who called on the chief minister included Nauman Langrial, Faisal Hayat Jabwana, Zawar Hussain Warraich, Lala Tahir Randhawa, Ajmal Cheema, Mian Khalid Mahmood and others.  They pledged a commitment to move along with the chief minister in all circumstances. Hamza said that he wanted to work for the welfare of the common man instead of indulging in petty politics. Also, the PPP MPAs including Syed Hassan Murtaza, Syed Haider Gillani and Makhdoom Usman Ahmad Mehmood called on Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz at his office on Wednesday and discussed political matters. The CM emphasized that every step was being taken in accordance with law and the constitution and the government would follow the constitution in future, as well.

Every step being taken in accordance with law, constitution, says CM

“The best working relationship exists with the allies in Punjab, and everybody would be taken along in the journey of public service”; he said and vowed to jointly serve the masses. He observed that Imran Niazi and his cronies had played havoc with the constitution, and they are also responsible for destroying the economy.  Separately, PPP MPA from Rahim Yar Khan Ghazanfar Ali Khan met with Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz at his office on Wednesday to discuss the constituency related problems.  The CM stated that PPP was an ally party in Center and Punjab and both had jointly strived to get rid of incompetent government. “Imran Niazi has defamed the institutions and they have, even, purloined every bite from the poor. I have resumed the development journey from where my father had left it and midnight oil would be burnt for the sake of the country”, he remarked.  Zeshan Rafiq MPA was also present in the meeting.


Advisor to PM Qamar Zaman Kaira called on Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz at his office on Wednesday to discuss matters of mutual interest and the political situation. Both condemned the undemocratic tactics employed by the PTI and CM Hamza Shahbaz regretted that Imran Niazi finagled the nation for around four years. “The youth were befooled about houses and employment opportunities while the economy teetered due to wrong policies. As a result, Pakistan is at the crossroads.


The public problems would be resolved in partnership with allied parties” the CM concluded.

CM chairs meeting about devising new cleanliness system for lahore

Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz chaired a meeting at his office on Wednesday to review steps for improving cleanliness arrangements in the provincial metropolis along with examining proposals to devise a new cleanliness system. Kh. Ahmad Hasaan, Kh. Imran Nazir, chief secretary, administrative secretaries and others attended the meeting.


The CM regretted that Lahore, which once was a neat and clean city, has been ruined in the last four years. As cleanliness is half of the faith, not only the posh localities but mohallas and streets should also be kept neat and clean because the provision of a clean environment to the common man is a collective responsibility of all of us; he said and directed that solid waste should be timely removed through existing resources and staff. He also directed to identify a suitable piece of land for the new landfill site. The cleanliness arrangements should be daily monitored, he added. Similarly, the parliamentarians should be activated with regard to cleanliness arrangements at the level of union councils and the availability of LWMC staff should also be ensured, he stated. The CM directed to early finalize a feasible plan for a permanent system of cleanliness and recommended that they should move forward on a fast track basis through short term, medium-term and long term planning to achieve results.