Long ago, the world was in the lap of peace, comfort and love. Spirituality was the chief trait of the age. The age was not digital but stone. People were in unity. They considered the sufferings of other people as their own suffering. Frankly speaking, the world was not in the trap of glimmer and glitters of modern equipment. People were pure, they were unaware of the conspiratorial tricks. They used to live meaningful lives. They used to spend quality time. The evening used to bring clouds of happiness to them.

However, with the new dawn of the digital world, man corrupted his soul. History can never forget the brutality inflicted on African land by Europeans in the name of the Berlin conference. This shows, that with modernity, man has turned into a hollow man. He has lost the essential component of sympathy.

The man of the present age is nothing but a cannibal. Alas! The age of fragrance turned into the age of bombing. It is a modern age where humans are divided. The socio-economical and religious fabrics of humanity are set ablaze by the modern age. The conflict of giant countries is forthcoming evidence that the world has lost its peace and purity. The modern age has snatched the value of relations. T.S Eliot the renowned poet and critic of the modern age has truly called this world a wasteland. He believes we are in rat’s ally.