Deserted Zaman Park waiting for police action

LAHORE     -     A major police operation is likely at any moment in Imran Khan’s residence, Zaman Park Lahore, by blocking all roads leading to Zaman Park. Several containers were moved outside the police line following the Punjab government deadline to Imran Khan to handover the miscreants involved in vandalism of Corps Commander house here on Thursday. The caretaker government had an­nounced a crackdown on the suspects involved in the May 9 incidents, and the Information Minister, had given Imran Khan a deadline fo handing overr the accused, alleging the presence of 40 miscre­ants in Zaman Park on Wednesday. Imran Khan’s private security guards told the media represen­tatives that no one else is present in Zaman Park except the media and Imran Khan’s security. On the other hand, a heavy contingent of police was stationed at Dharmapura Bridge, while Mall Road, Canal Road, Underpass, Dharmapura Road and Thandi Road were sealed for any kind of traffic. As witnessed in the past charged workers equipped with batons and sling shots who used to protect Imran Khan from getting arrested by authorities were nowhere to be seen following registration of cases and police crackdown post May 9 inci­dent. Canal Road and Service road adjacent to Im­ran Khan’s residence, which used to be crowded with the presence of workers, now presents a completely deserted scene. However, in order to prevent their leader from aresst, PTI personal security had cordoned off his residence with strong steel sheets walls. Service road including the green belt adjacent to canal road on which Imran Khan’s residence main entrance is situ­ated had been sealed with firm steel walls built in rectangular shape. Walk through gates have been installed on both sides of the steel wall. Moreover, more than 7 containers have been placed on canal road to deal with possible police action. Earlier on Wednesday, Aamir Mir said in a conversation that the decision to arrest Imran Khan was not on the cards as yet,alleging PTIis trying to provoke the administration. Amir assured that no action was likely to take place in Zaman Park. The Informa­tion Minister claimed that confirmed reports were received that 30 to 40 terrorists are present in Zaman Park, after completion of 24 hours action will be taken adding Imran Khan will try move these people some other place. Aamir Mir further claimed that these men were being given instruc­tions from Zaman Park during the rampage at the house of Corps Commander Lahore. 

Aamir Mir clarified that Punjab Police will not go with only 4 policemen to arrest terrorists hid­ing in Zaman Park.

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