Elevating Pioneering Cricket x Art Collaboration

ISLAMABAD    -    Islamabad United, the most decorated team in Pakistan Super League history with three championships, proudly unveil ‘Game Changer,’ - a unique artwork by internationally acclaimed artist Imran Qureshi. This piece embodies the electric energy of cricket and celebrates the unwavering spirit of Islamabad United.   ‘Game Changer’ incorporates both the energy of cricket and the vocabulary of internationally acclaimed visual artist Imran Qureshi,” said Amna Naqvi, Co-Owner of Islamabad United.  “The figure is wielding a bat almost like a sword and it is composed of cricket balls which are covered with Qureshi’s floral like motifs which are inspired by the landscapes of Indian Mughal court paintings. The stance of the batsman is as powerful as the team it symbolizes. Qureshi is master of action painting and here instead of a brush he throws six balls at the canvas to complete the ‘over’. The bounces and treads that the ball create in this over across canvas, reveals the perineal contest between a batsman and a bowler. The batsman is present on the canvas while the bowler thought absent is very much ‘present’ in the form of his powerful throws.” “Game Changer” captures the dynamism of cricket through the lens of Imran Qureshi. The piece transcends mere representation. It embodies Islamabad United’s commitment to innovation and excellence, both on and off the field. The artwork celebrates not just the team’s victories, but also the unwavering passion of its fans and the captivating beauty of cricket itself. Artist Imran Qureshi said, “Creating artwork with new challenges and risks is always exciting for me. This was the second wonderful opportunity to work with Islamabad United. Exploring digital and painting mediums in the completely new context of sports, its energy, and power, was the true beauty of the experience.  Through ‘Game Changer,’ I aimed to capture the raw emotions and energy of the game, while also introducing art to a wider audience.” Indeed, this project marks the continuation of the groundbreaking AANideasLAB #IQxIU collaboration between Islamabad United and Imran Qureshi. Launched in 2022, this initiative represents a historic first, forging a bridge between the worlds of cricket and art. The first collaboration in 2022 saw Qureshi’s creative journey intertwined with Islamabad United players, for a multi-week visual art project. The resulting artistic output transcended the canvas, finding its way onto the team’s official kits and other ventures. This innovative collaboration further solidifies Islamabad United’s position as a thought leader in the game and its various facets, as the three-time Pakistan Super League champions continue to redefine the experience of cricket.

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