Jirga agrees to reopen Pak-Afghan border crossing in Kurram

KURRAM   -  A jirga comprising tribal elders and officials from both Pakistan and Afghanistan agreed on a ceasefire to reopen the border crossing for passengers and trade activities in Kurram tribal district here on Saturday.

Jalal Bangash, a tribal elder and jirga member, told journalists that the jirga decided to reopen the Pak-Afghan border in Kurram following the ceasefire agreement. 

The meeting included Ulema, tribal elders, and officials from both countries, who concurred on the ceasefire and border reopening. They also resolved to form a joint committee to maintain peace in the border region and address disputes through dialogue. Jalal Khan stressed the need for both sides to honor the ceasefire to expedite the border reopening. He noted that another jirga would be convened soon to finalize the agreement.

Efforts by local elders in Kurram tribal district aimed to de-escalate tensions and restore normalcy following recent firing incidents between the two sides. Notable figures were working to discuss the issues and reestablish calm in the border area.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt