Parents urged to vaccinate children against diseases

Immunisation best way to protect children from diseases

KANDHKOT  -   Immunisation (vaccination) is the most important and also primary way to conserve your babies and infants from fatal diseases such as measles, polio, hepatitis A,B,C, tetanus, whooping cough, mumps and others.

According to medical history, Immunisation among children is most effective preventative measures although It is fact that parents are solely responsible for taking care of their children especially protecting them through vaccine preventable diseases. According to various reports, mostly the ratio of parents in remote areas of pakistan are unaware about the importance vaccinations for their babies. However government of pakistan is also less interested in organising seminars, events and awareness programs highlighting life threatening diseases including measles, polio, hepatitis, whopping cough and others which have been rampant throughout country.

According to various medical research reports, the high number of children who are not unvaccinated intentionally by their careless and uneducated parents being unknown to repercussions of such fatal diseases such as polio which paralyzes the children forever. Due to non proper awareness among people they are not aware of significance of vaccines and their effective role against prevention of viral diseases. When this this scribe  approached to renowned child specialists of Kashmore  they told that vaccines were the safest way in protecting children from serious and  deadly diseases such as polio, measles, mumps, whooping cough, malaria and others. To protect to children from above mentioned diseases, it is dire need to vaccinate the children on timely basis.

In case of refusal that may make your child vulnerable to these diseases and his health will be on high risk. In case if any child fall sick the doctor nust be aprised of the vaccination status that wether the child has been vaccinated or not.  According to medical experience children must be  vaccinated before attending to school they added.

While it ensured provision of vaccines, transport and awareness campaigns throughout Pakistan. But nowadays WHO and UNICEF are directly executing and managing EPI through health department of various provinces of country and giving their experts input in managing the program properly. At district level the district coordinator of EPI program monitors and executes the immunization through the network of UC coordinatora appointed by UNICEF through development partners such as SIDAT Haider and other NGOs through COMnet project. Even on polio day private persons are hired on daily wages basis to administer polio campaigns twice a month such private polio workers are unknown to vaccine preservation techniques that may be very harmful for the children which are being vaccinated by them. Since they don’t follow proper preservation manual of vaccines even they don’t wear gloves while vaccinating the children.

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