ISLAMABAD      -         Special Assistant to PM (SAPM) for Industries and Production, Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi has said Pakistan possesses huge reserves of stones having rare colours which make the country’s marble and granite sector one of the most promising sectors of economy. Speaking at a briefing on performance and initiatives of Pakistan Stone Development Company (PASDEC), the SAPM highlighted the importance of promoting marble exports, which are required to be enhanced to meet the existing potential. Welcoming the SAPM at the head office of PASDEC, its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Babar Miraj Shami presented a detailed presentation on formation and development model of the company. The CEO apprised him about marble and granite sector, its potential, major clusters and sector issues as well. The presentation also highlighted the exports of the top 3 countries of marble and granite along with exports of Pakistan in last 5 years. The CEO, PASDEC apprised the SAPM about the achievements of the company and future strategy to ensure maximum role of PASDEC in the development of the marble and granite sector. The CEO informed the SAPM that most of the machinery and equipment of PASDEC was procured in 2008-9 and with the passage of time, the machinery is becoming old and resulting in huge repair and maintenance costs, therefore, PSDP funds may be released at earliest. The SAPM appreciated the efforts of the company and highlighted the importance of development of small business through awareness seminars in collaboration with different chambers of the Country. He assured efforts will be carried out for the release of PSDP funds under the NSPAIT project. In the end, a souvenir was presented to the SAPM by the CEO and thanked him for sparing precious time and his input in development of the marble and granite sector of the country