Lahore’s smog woes

Smog has made life difficult for Lahore residents. Schools, mar­kets, parks, and shopping areas re­main closed, affecting the lives of students in Lahore and surround­ing districts. They are stuck at home, unable to go to school or play outside. Thousands of peo­ple are falling ill due to toxic air, causing breathing problems, infec­tions, and various diseases.

Urbanisation and a surging pop­ulation, estimated at around 242 million, have contributed to this situation, turning the “City of Gar­dens” into the most populated city in the world. It is argued that this is mainly caused by burning crop residue at the start of winter when wheat is planted.

The state is responsible for pro­viding healthy living with a good air quality index to its citizens. Cit­izens have equal responsibilities in this regard. The government should take effective measures for envi­ronmental protection in the city.



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