In realm of insanity

The articles of Shandana Minhas and Farrukh Saleem in your paper were complimentary. Minhas has unearthed numerous amusing fatwas mostly pertaining to women's public appearance. Most of these fatwas fall in the realm of insanity and do not serve any Muslim country's national interest nor do they project the enlightened character of Islam. Even the casual remark to Sarah Palin by President Zardari has been blown out of all proportions by these relics of the past. Farrukh Saleem in his courageous piece has strongly suggested that we are losing the war on terror mainly due to suicide bombings, which provide ground for foreign intervention. While the Islamic world does not lack the fatwa-toting mullahs my concern is over the conspicuous absence of any religious edict against suicide bombings by non-state actors who have made Islamic Republic Pakistan the most dangerous place on earth. -B. MALIK, Islamabad, via e-mail, October 5.

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