QUETTA   -   Government, Pakistan Army, civil administration and other welfare or­ganizations are all out to undertake relief and rehabilitation efforts in the flood-ravaged areas of Balochistan. 

According to a handout issued by the ISPR, relief operation is in full swing in the flood-hit areas, includ­ing Quetta, Duki, Loralai, Pishin, QilaSaifullah, Bolan, Sibi, DeraBugti, Khuzdar, Lasbela, Awaran, DeraMur­adJamali, JhalMagsi, Jafarabad, Nasir­abad, and Sohabatpur. 

As many as 14 relief camps are functioning in the flood affected ar­eas of Kohlu, Sibi, DeraMuradJamali, Nasirabad, Sohabatpur and Jhal­Magsi where cooked food, ration and medical treatment are being provid­ed to the flood-stricken people. 

“Cooked food was distributed to 1,350 flood victims in Sibi and De­raBugti. Ration packets were also delivered by helicopters to the flood-affected areas,” the handout said. 

It further read that a total of 9,783 bottles of water were provided to 3,414 people in Quetta, Pishin, Lo­ralai, Dukki, QilaSaifullah Bolan, DeraBugti, Khuzdar, Awaran, Jafar­abad, Nasirabad, JhalMagsi, DeraMu­radJamali, and Sohabpur during the last 24 hours. On behalf of Pakistan Army and FC Balochistan, eight col­lection points have been established in Quetta, Chaman, Noshki, and Dal­bandin for the flood victims while the recovery and rehabilitation of the flood victims is also ongoing. A series of free medical camps are also being established in the flood-affected dis­tricts to protect the victims from in­fectious diseases. During the last 24 hours, 47 free medical camps were organized by Pakistan Army, FC Balo­chistan and PDMA in which 4,646 patients were treated and free medi­cines were provided. Likewise efforts of Pak Army and FC are going on along with the civil administration to restore the means of transportation. All the highways of Balochistan have been fully opened for traffic while the National Highway Authority, Pak­istan Army, FC Balochistan, Pakistan Coast Guard and Civil Administration are busy to maintain the flow of traf­fic on national highways.