The FIA prosecutor has submitted a report enlisting details of all bank accounts in a sugar mills money laundering case to a local court in Lahore.

The special central court on Monday heard the money laundering case allegedly committed through sugar mills. The court had sought details of the bank accounts of eight companies from the banks.

The FIA prosecutor also presented a report of 19 more bank accounts to the court. 

The judge wondered what was the purpose of attaching report of these accounts as there was paltry sum of money or no money at all in these accounts. 

The lawyer told the court that these were classified loan accounts which had been closed after zero accounts. He further said that a private bank deposited the money put in its account with the FIA. He said that the investigation agency would also check all other accounts. 

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s lawyer told the court that numerous accounts were opened for the company.