Food provision

Marking a check on the grocery items, only the foodstuff takes the major portion of the grocery list, just like grocery shopping takes a major chunk of the monthly salary. Prices are on a high horse that with its blinkers on is not looking back. Not to belabour a point but let the reality sink in, a phalanx of problems, the inflation in double digits, international fuel prices, taxes, a rickety economy, and a bevvy of troubles keep the pocket empty.

The working class suffers the most with these price hikes, not exclusively the blue-collar or the labour class, but also the white-collar working class. Not only is ‘what to eat for the evening?’ a difficult question but ‘whether to eat or not’ as well, when prices of basic food items like onions or tomatoes are also sky high. AAA Associates sets an example by fulfilling the needs of its employees and compensates them by providing meals during working hours. 

This lessens the burden on their grocery needs, which can be used for other necessary expenses. Not merely the white-collar strata of the company, but especially the labour class, who amidst the wrecking inflation, cannot even afford a Rs. 80 - Rs. 100 worth of plate of vegetables or lentils from the least expensive hotel serving water in the name of curry. 36.9 per cent of Pakistanis are food insecure, according to World Food Programme; a big hurdle in the way of nutritious food is unaffordability.

We are already juggling myriad economic problems as a society, and the shortage of food is a grave issue due to a lack of proper infrastructure and a brimming population. It is even further exaggerated by the current floods in the country causing food shortage, with an already existing high demand and surge in price. Out of 119 countries, Pakistan ranks 106 on the Global Hunger Index (GHI).

AAA Associates has always been a community-oriented organization and through its Non-Profit Organization, Yusaeid Foundation, it aims to make food provisions sufficient for the underprivileged,and strive to have their basic needs met. The efforts include not only the company’s employees and families but also many deprived sections of society.



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