Flood water receding in Indus River at Kotri Barrage, the last barrage in downstream on the river, according to the water data shared by the Flood Forecasting Division on Monday.

The water level in the river in upstream barrages on Indus has already dropped to normal flow.

At Kotri Barrage, water inflow in the river has been 2,72,900 cusecs and outflow has been 2,43,100 cusecs.

Thousands of people have evacuated from katcha area in Thatta district as the flood stream of the river from Kotri moving towards Indus delta to enter in the Arabian Sea.

Several flood-affected people have taken refuge at river embankments after their villages drowned in the water. Flooding in the river has badly hit the areas on the course of the river to the sea.

Twin menace of flash floods generated from unprecedented monsoon rainfall in Sindh and Balochistan, and flooding in Indus River has damaged crops and thousands of mud houses in the area.

A mammoth lake created by the rainwater standing across a very large area in Sindh, displacing millions of people in the province.

As the flooding in Indus going down, standing rainwater being drain out in the river.

The water level at Guddu Barrage has dropped with inflow 1,38,400 cusecs and outflow of water 1,28,700 cusecs.

The water inflow in river at Sukkur Barrage has been measured 1,45,400 cusecs and outflow 1,39,200 cusecs.

Indus River has been normal at Tarbela reservoir with water inflow 1,04,000 cusecs, while outflow has been 93,800 cusecs.