Peshawar-The city of flowers is witnessing a sharp increase in street crimes while the police have apparently failed to stop criminals, who not only snatch belongings from Peshawarites but also open fire on streets to spread panic and fear among people. 

Even the posh areas of the city are not safe anymore as in Gulbahar, many citizens were deprived of mobile phones wherein two masked motorcyclists snatched the mobile phones from two citizens at gunpoint and escaped.

According to the eye witnesses, after committing the crime, the masked motorcyclists started firing shots in the air that created more fear among people. “We had no option but to surrender our mobile phones and other valuable things to the masked motorcyclists without any hesitation as they could have killed us in cold blood,” a victim of the incident said.

The citizens present on the spot said that despite the blockades by the police at some points, snatching incidents could not be reduced and the police could not do anything except putting details of the incident in their daily diary. 

The citizens have appealed to the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Inspector General Police to take stern action against unregistered and without number plates motorcyclists involved in daily snatching incidents and ensure protection of the citizens’ lives and properties.