KARACHI -The embankments of small and big canals including Damrah Wah had been breached and the water caused havoc by inundating the entire village as  over the years neither the embankments were strengthened nor repaired. Shaukat Kandharo, a poor peasant and now living at the camp in East Karachi and a resident of Dawood Kandhro village near Naseerabad (about 43 kilometers away from Larkana) and on the bank of the Dhamrah Wah (Canal), said this while talking to APP.  He said, “If the embankments of the canals were not breached, our village would not have been submerged and affected by the rain-water.”  

 The recent rainfall was normal and, in the past, we have seen such rainfalls. But the rainwater usually drains out easily but this time it could not, he mentioned, saying that the reason behind was that rainwater could not get its ways as mostly, the waterways had been occupied by influential people there.  He said, “when our houses have been inundated and we lost everything there as majority of things were washed away with flood water leaving nothing with us. We lost the livestock and stock of grains”, he informed.  Usually, the people from remote areas in the sindh province keep the stock of wheat grains to feed their families till next harvest. There were more than 400 houses and almost, all of them have collapsed completely leaving hundreds of people homeless, he uttered.