Muhammad Khan Bhatti, Principal Secretary to Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, is receiving the highest salary in the province.

According to the salary slip issued by the AG Office, Bhatti received Rs185,500,0 in salary in the last month of August.

However, his basic pay is Rs244,000 while he receives Rs740,000 in honorary salary; Rs244, 000 under the head of fuel allowance; Rs196, 000 under the head of session allowance, and Rs24, 684 under the head of ad hoc relief allowance.

The principal secretary’s salary also includes administrative allowance of Rs14, 000; entertainment allowance of Rs975, and special allowance of Rs16, 202.     

The slip also shows that an amount of Rs233,000 was deducted in tax from his salary.  

The hefty Bhatti is drawing is in sharp contrast to the salary the Punjab chief secretary is drawing which stands at Rs600,000.

On the other hand, budget documents tell that the Punjab chief minister’s salary is Rs200,000. He also enjoys some other perks and privileges.  

The salary of former principal secretary to the CM Nabeel Awan was Rs560,000.

Bhatti did not give any comment when asked to give his version on the story.