ITF/PTF Wheelchair Tennis Development Camp kicks off in Karachi

LAHORE - The ITF/PTF Wheelchair Tennis Development Initiative Coach­ing Camp commenced at the Custom Public School in Nipa, Karachi, marking the third ven­ue for this impactful program. 

The camp, which spans two months, has attracted seven dedicated players, including international tennis talents Muhammad Ayub Khan and Fida Hussain. Robin Das, a sea­soned coach, leads the training sessions, while Muhammad Khalid Rehmani oversees the camp’s coordination as the Camp Commandant. 

Custom Public School’s gen­erous support in providing a venue for this extended dura­tion camp has been met with gratitude from both the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) and the Sindh Tennis Association (STA). Salman Karim Mughal, along with the STA Wheelchair Coordi­nation Committee, played a vital role in facilitating the camp. The opening day of the camp wit­nessed the presence of notable figures, including Mr. Kaamil, M Khalid Rehmani, Ishrat Zehra, Waseem Baloch, Khalid Barohi, Sarwar Hussain, and Salman Karim Mughal. 

It’s worth noting that the STA has already initiated two similar coaching camps at the KPT Sports Complex in Karachi (every Saturday), led by coach Zubair Raja, with ten enthusi­astic players participating. Ad­ditionally, a camp takes place every Sunday at the Mirpur­khas Gymkhana, where Sheer­az Bhand serves as the coach, and Syed Sakhawat Ali coor­dinates activities for thirteen dedicated players. 

Furthermore, plans are un­derway to establish another camp in Lahore, with the sup­port of the Punjab Lawn Ten­nis Association (PLTA). These coaching camps, initiated by PTF/STA, aim to broaden the pool of wheelchair tennis ath­letes and diversify the venues available for training.

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