Mian Raza's great comeback from Medical Park Hospital

Good news for everyone who knows and loves Mian Raza! After his heart surgery at the Medical Park Hospital in Antalya, Turkey, he's now ready to fly back home. Doctor Hussain, a heart specialist in Antalya, has said he's good to travel.

What Happened?

While on holiday in Antalya, Mian Raza had a big health scare. But with top care from his doctors at the Medical Park Hospital and a lot of strength, he's now feeling better.

In about two weeks, Mian Raza will be back in Bolton, Manchester. He's excited to go home and continue all the good work he was doing before his trip.

Mian Raza's family wants to say a big thank you. So many friends, from both Pakistan and the UK, have been sending their love and prayers. It's made a huge difference.

Mian Raza's return to Manchester is not just a trip home. It's a sign of his strong spirit and the love and support of his community. Everyone is happy and excited for him to come back. Safe travels, Mian Raza! We're cheering for you!

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