Palestine is still in quagmire

The Palestine issue has re­mained an unresolved Mus­lim query, broached by the Arab world to procure the holy land of Palestine. Muslim countries firm­ly castigated the existence of Is­rael and rebuked trade apprais­als and peace proposals. But in 2020, four Muslim nations—the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Su­dan—couldn’t resist Israel’s trade temptations and were lured to ac­cumulate material wealth, forget­ting the promises and sacrifices of Palestinians.

Recently, President Joe Biden called on Crown Prince Moham­mad bin Salman to meet at the G20 summit conference. The US president has pretensions to loos­en Saudi-Israel tensions and moot the subject of mutual friendship and recognition of Israel by the KSA. Apart from this, Israel is the globe’s leading technological cen­ter after the US and Saudi Arabia, which require technology to coun­ter Iran’s proxy attacks at various oil factories in KSA.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia has con­tinued to enjoy its heyday as the de facto leader of the Muslim world. To ensure complete obe­dience and recognition of Israel, Saudi Arabia’s concession would be adequate to formulate better bonds with Muslims and extenu­ating circumstances. And if it en­sues, the Palestine dilemma would dissipate forever.

Countries operating under the banner of Islam have to evade western tactics and maneuverings and display sheer unity to retro­gress polluted western intentions. The US and West have done rep­rehensible things by deteriorat­ing countries such as Iraq and Af­ghanistan under false allegations of nurturing nukes and terrorism. Although this time Palestine’s re­sistance should not go in vain, Muslim brethren under Quranic injunctions, Prophetic teach­ings, and a joint economic system must undo unhygienic western in­trigues being posed to play havoc with Islam’s credentials.



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