PPP local leaders commemorate Mir Murtaza Bhutto on 69th birth anniversary

SIALKOT   -  Local leaders of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chaudhry Zahid Bashir and Ashan Chaudhry paid tribute to Mir Murtaza Bhutto on the occasion of his 69th birth anniversary. 

They fondly remembered Mir Murtaza Bhutto as a courageous personality known for his unique affability with people, a trait that continues to be celebrated even today.

They emphasized that Mir Mur­taza Bhutto’s unwavering faith in democracy and his steadfast prin­ciples serve as a guiding beacon for them and the party. On this sig­nificant occasion, founding activists such as Mian Ashraf, Sheikh Salim, and Muneeb Gondal also expressed their admiration for the enduring political contributions of the Bhut­to family.


In a significant move, the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), alongside several other cham­bers and trade bodies nationwide, has seen its office-bearers’ terms extended by one year. Sohail Khawar Mir, Chair­man of the Democratic Group at SCCI, hailed this decision as a victory result­ing from their tireless efforts.

Mir underscored the importance of this extension in purging the chamber of counterfeit votes, emphasizing that it reflects their commitment to good governance. He further advocated for membership in the associate and cor­porate classes to be determined by tax returns and export records. Mir believes this shift would ensure that only authentic representatives can effectively champion the interests of small-scale industrialists in the Cham­ber and other trade organizations.

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