Waziristan traders write to COAS to resolve issues at Angoor Adda border

South Waziristan chamber expresses dissatisfaction over slow trade at border with Afghanistan

WANA  -  The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in South Waziristan trib­al district has appealed to Chief of Army Staff General Asim Munir for assistance in resolving the chal­lenges confronting traders at the Pak-Afghan Angoor Adda border crossing.

In a letter, the chamber urged the Army Chief to promptly take action to address Waziristan’s is­sues as a matter of utmost impor­tance.

Copies of the letter have been distributed to the Corps Com­mander Peshawar, the Chief Sec­retary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the provincial minister for indus­tries and commerce, the chief col­lector customs, the inspector gen­eral of the Frontier Corps-South and the commissioner of Dera Is­mail Khan.

The letter underscores the fact that the Pak-Afghan Angoor Adda border crossing is generating sub­stantial daily revenue in the mil­lions of rupees. Furthermore, it stresses that the residents of Wa­ziristan have reaped benefits from commercial and trade activities, which have played a role in restor­ing peace and tranquillity to the area.

Since the establishment of the Angoor Adda Customs Station in 2020, the letter says, an estimated Rs4 to Rs5 billion have been col­lected monthly in taxes. Howev­er, trade operations at this border crossing have come to a standstill over the past nine months.

The sluggish business activi­ties are attributed to the local civil administration and other officials, according to the letter, resulting in unemployment, pov­erty, and unrest among the local populace.

The letter also alleges that secu­rity forces and other government personnel stationed at the border have posed numerous challeng­es to transport owners and driv­ers under the pretext of new vehi­cle entries.

Consequently, traders have relo­cated their trade operations away from Angoor Adda, diverting them toward Ghulam Khan, Kharlachi, Torkham, and Chaman borders.

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