The incumbent government came into power with the slogan of human development. Certainly, human development works as the backbone of a country. The world respects Pakistan and Dr Mahbub ul Haq, a visionary development economist, who theorised the idea of human development. The Higher Education Commission as a regulatory authority should translate the idea of human development into reality. 

Like Dr Haq, Dr Tariq Banuri is a development economist. As a chairman of HEC, Dr Banuri focused on the quality of education. Human development cannot be possible without quality education. Quality education cannot be possible without the autonomy of education as institution. A developed human capital, which is the product of an autonomous educational system, means that one has developed a critical, creative, rational and scientific outlook. Instead of fortifying the autonomy of education as institution, the government is thinking otherwise. 

Over the centuries, the West learnt that political and religious intervention into education means undermining human development. Top class world universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT and Princeton, have full autonomy. Noam Chomsky, an American philosopher, in his online talk, has recently remarked that the future of Pakistan depends upon the quality of education. The incumbent government, which used the mantra of human development in its election campaign, must foster the autonomy of education for the better future of Pakistan.