Recently, popular Indian actor Ranveer Singh uploaded some offensive photos on Facebook. These images were not only disgusting but also shocking because his fans couldn’t even imagine that he would do something like this. It is even heard that a woman has filed a complaint against Ranveer Singh for playing with women’s emotions.

Frankly speaking, Ranveer Singh’s nude photographers have shocked his fans. His photos published in a magazine are less artistic, more nudity, and unsatisfying. I don’t know why people cross borders just for fame. Sadly, most people sacrifice everything in their journey to become famous which is frustrating and unsatisfying.

Ranveer Singh is not an ordinary actor but still he did it for fame which confuses me.

It is a bitter truth that people can do anything in the journey of fame be it self-respect or honor. I am not saying that one should not take pictures but at least one should not expect likes from others. Such lewd images make an actor look good only in movies. Because even if there is such a scene in the film, the viewers will see it, but the non-viewers will not see the film.

Therefore, actors must remain within the realm of distinction. Do whatever you want, because everything has a specific time and place. And my advice to all those who want fame plus ease is don’t sacrifice yourself for it but work hard and serve people.