ISLAMABAD    -    The Islamabad High Court (IHC) Friday directed Ana Ali, the daughter of Sheikh Danish allegedly involved in torture of a girl in Faisalabad, to present her proofs of residing in the federal capital by Monday. A single bench of IHC comprising Acting Chief Justice of IHC Justice Aamer Farooq conducted hearing of the petition moved by Ana Sheikh seeking protective bail in the FIR registered by Faisalabad Police in line of torture on a female medical student. She filed the petition before the high court saying that she is underage and fears that police would arrest her to probe into the case. The petitioner added that she was nominated in the case even when she was not present at the time of the incident. She alleged the police for getting external pressures for her arrest. Sheikh assured the court that she wanted to appear before the court concerned and therefore be granted protective bail to evade arrest. During the hearing, the court expressed its displeasure over the petitioner’s lawyer and remarked that he committed a wrong act for taking the accused to IHC as the FIR was registered in Faisalabad. The judge directed the lawyer to submit evidence that the girl is living with her mother and maternal grandmother in Islamabad. The IHC bench noted that the temporary and permanent address on the CNIC of the petitioner was of Faisalabad and she had only written Islamabad by hand on the application. The lawyer contended that the girl was living with her mother in Islamabad.  At this, the judge asked that then why the wrong address had been written on CNIC.

In response to a question, the petitioner Ana Ali said that she was living in Islamabad since August 9.

Justice Aamer said that she had to prove her residence in the Federal capital. He asked that why an FIR was registered against her if she had not any connection with the matter. Her counsel said that the police registered case against his client as she was out of Faisalabad. He said that his client was studying in Faisalabad but living in capital after her mother got separation from the husband.

Then, the court directed the petitioner to prove that her mother and paternal grandmother were resident of Islamabad and deferred the hearing till Monday for further proceedings.