| Shehbaz terms CPEC a win-win partnership for regional development.



ISLAMABAD   -   Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Friday here held a meeting with a delegation of the students of Harvard University of the United States and shared with them his vision for the progress of Pakistan.

On the occasion, the students asked the prime minister questions about the country’s economy, International Monetary Fund, agriculture, industry, information technology and other sectors.

The PM also answered their questions about Kashmir, the role of Pakistan in sustainable peace in the region and Pakistan-China relations.

The students thanked the Government of Pakistan and Pakistanis for their hospitality.

During his interaction with the students, the PM said that the first few decades since the inception of Pakistan witnessed impressive growth across all sectors of the economy. “We have plans, national will and the implementation mechanism to produce outcomes,” he said.

He explained that his government’s economic action plan has 3 prongs; the revitalization of the economy, making Information Technology the pivot of national development and the exports leading the economy.

The PM said that all efforts and resources have been deployed to stabilize the economy. Doing so is most crucial but there is still a bumpy road ahead. We have a work ahead which involves prudent policies keeping the big picture in mind.

“Since the economy is dependent on the political stability, I have repeatedly offered grand dialogue, which has Charter of the Economy as its chief highlight,” he said.

He said that for Pakistan to develop, we need to focus on vocational, scientific and skilled education. Knowledge-based economy is the buzzword and undeniable reality of our times.  According to him, sustainable peace in South Asia is linked to the resolution of Jammu & Kashmir issue in line with the UN resolutions and wishes of Kashmiris. Nothing short of it would work, he added.

He reiterated that Pakistan wants permanent peace with India through dialogue. War is not an option for either of the countries. Both Islamabad and New Delhi should have competition in trade, economy, and improving the conditions of their people, he asserted.

The relationship with China, he said, remains the cornerstone of our foreign policy. CPEC heralded the beginning of a new era of economic development.  “Pakistan is ready to promote the spirit of CPEC, which is a win-win partnership for regional peace, security and development,” PM Shehbaz remarked.

Federal ministers Ahsan Iqbal AND Marriyum Aurangzeb, special assistants Ahad Cheema, Syed Fahad Hussain and Jahanzaib Khan and the officials concerned attended the meeting.