Climate change

The planet Earth is currently faced with myriad challeng­es, and climate change is one of the most crucial and excruciating challenges in today’s world. Nat­ural calamities have struck the planet so viciously that they have become a constant threat to its very existence and survival.

It is an irrefutable fact that only humans have caused colossal dam­age to the planet Earth by adopt­ing irresponsible and regressive behaviours in almost all walks of life. The planet Earth was once a verdant and mesmerising planet worth living on, but with the pas­sage of time, humans, in their hot pursuit of rapid development and progress, sacrificed everything that was natural and impregnable.

There is not even a scintilla of doubt that only humans have tam­pered with the natural balance in this world, causing detrimental harm to themselves and their fel­low beings. While making devel­opment, it is humans who have shattered the balance immense­ly, and now every human is pay­ing a heavy price by facing soaring temperatures, torrential flood­ing, wildfires, landslides, horrible cyclones, expedited glacial sheet melting, catastrophic earthquakes, and upsurges in tsunamis.

It is more important now than ever to highlight the remarkable significance of climate change among youth. We need to pay great heed to this issue; otherwise, we humans will be the only losers. It is the need of the hour that this issue be debated during our daily discourse and discussions at our workplaces, academic institutions, and even in mosques during Fri­day prayers to create awareness regarding this critical issue that is closely related to our collective well-being and survival.

It is not the time to just think but to act accordingly, as the imminent potential threats posed by climate change are horrendous and un­imaginable. So let’s play our role, which may prove to be central to the safety and survival of all.



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