Prolonged use of earbuds may lead to disabling hearing loss: Expert warns

ISLAMABAD-A health expert on Saturday warned that billions of teens and young people all around the world including Pakistan are potentially at risk of hearing loss because of prolonged use of headphones and earbuds and attendance at loud music venues.
The headphones or earphones can harm hearing and result in ear damage, ENT Specialist DR Junaid Shahzad while talking to the PTV news channel said.
 Hearing loss is usually seen in different age groups but is most commonly seen in people above the age of 60 years, but hearing loss due to the usage of headphones and earphones is usually nowadays seen in teens and younger adults, he further explained.
The specialist added that the headphones and earphones sound is played very near to the ear, which can be dangerous to the ear, adding, it can also produce very loud levels of sound.
When this loud sound is played very near to the ear drum itself, it can be a threat to the normal functioning of the eardrum and may result in hearing loss, he mentioned.
Avoiding damage caused due to the use of headphones or earphones is not a difficult thing to attain, he said, adding, the only thing to do is be more careful and sensible while using such things.
 To another question about injury to the ear due to physical abuse being a common occurrence among young persons, he replied that a slap to the face, as a physical punishment, is an unsafe form of discipline.
 A survey also showed that it is a common form of abuse that needs to be stopped because it could lead to hearing loss and learning disability, particularly in children, he highlighted.
 “There is need for a public programs in order to create awareness among teachers, school managers and parents so as to address these ugly trends and to prevent the late sequel of hearing loss and learning disability,” he added.

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