Proper birth spacing essential for children’s health: Experts

ABBOTTABAD  -  The Population Welfare Depart­ment (PWD) and UNFPA joint­ly organized a seminar on Satur­day to highlight the importance of proper birth spacing for children’s health and well-being.

While addressing the seminar, District Population Welfare Offi­cer (DPWO) Abbottabad, Shams ur Rahman, emphasized the signifi­cance of appropriate birth spac­ing for children’s health, proper nurturing, and a brighter future. He stressed the importance of a healthy society and its positive im­pact on overall well-being. He also noted that the rapid growth rate and population increase in the dis­trict were alarming and presented a comprehensive profile of the Ab­bottabad district in collaboration with its partners.

He underscored the importance of educating the public about pop­ulation-related matters and cre­ating awareness to effectively implement the programs of the Population Welfare Department.

The primary objective of the seminar was to strengthen con­nections with selected represen­tatives and ensure that their opin­ions contribute to the successful execution of the Population Wel­fare programs, aligning with the ultimate goal of maintaining a suitable and stable population, added DPWO.

Shams ur Rahman emphasized the significance of spacing be­tween childbirths, as it is essen­tial for a healthy and prosperous society. He urged the audience to incorporate thoughtful planning into their future lives, just as in­dividuals plan various aspects of their social lives, from education to marriage to practical life.

He further elaborated that the nation faced numerous challeng­es due to uncontrolled popula­tion growth, leading to issues in healthcare, education, pover­ty, food, water scarcity, and un­employment. Shams ur Rahman highlighted the necessity of ad­dressing these challenges and the importance of adopting fam­ily planning facilities to alleviate these issues.

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