Sutlej River in high flood after India releases more water

The water level in Sutlej River at Sulemanki Headworks continuously increasing and has surged to high flood.

The inflow and outflow of Sutlej River at Sulemanki has measured 1,22,687 cusecs.

A flood flow of 2,80,000 cusecs, released from India has entered in Bahawalnagar district. The deputy commissioner has advised the people residing in the river belt to evacuate immediately.

“After 35 years such big flood flow has entered in Sutlej River. This huge 2.75 Lac cusecs floodwater could wreak havoc in the area,” DC Bahawalnagar Zulfiqar Bhoon has said in his video message to the residents of Sutlej River belt.

He has advised the people to evacuate to relief camps or other safer places to avoid hazard. “The people should also evacuate their cattle immediately from the area, likely affected by the flooding,” he said.

“All necessary medicines and snake-bite vaccine has been provided in relief camps,” deputy commissioner said. “Moreover, fodder and medicines for livestock have also been provided at relief camps,” he added.

The NDMA in a recent advisory stated that the Sutlej River has reached to an “extremely high-flood level” at Ganda Singh Wala.

A spokesperson of Punjab Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) stated that the water level in the river at Talwar Post has reached to 12 feet, while it is as high as 15 ft at Fateh Mohammad Post.

PDMA stated that the flooding in Sutlej has severed land link of various villages in Kasur and standing crops on hundreds of acres land have been destroyed.

PDMA stated that the high flood flow in Sutlej will likely to pass through Islam Headworks on August 21.

The Punjab PDMA said that the Office of the Indian Commissioner for Indus Water Treaty had intimated that Harike and Ferozepur Headworks in India “have entered into the flood regime”. “The water will be regularly discharged on daily basis from the water works until August 21.”

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