China has described the Sino-Indian border as 2,000 km long by not considering nearly 1,600 km line which separates Jammu and Kashmir on one hand and Xinjiang and Tibet on the other as a border with India. According to Kashmir Media Service, Xinhua, a Beijing based multilingual newspaper, reported by quoting an official briefing by Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister, Hu Zhengyue, ahead of Chinese Prime Minister, Wen Jiabao's recent visit to India that China no longer treated the line of nearly 1,600 km as border with India. The border as per Indian account is 3,500 km, the report added. Hu Shisheng, a strategic analyst at the China Institutes for Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), in a media interview, said that it had always been China's position that the length of the border was 2,000 km, which did not include the disputed western section and Indian claims on the entire region of Kashmir, including Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. He said, "China's position had been consistent since its 1963 treaty with Pakistan, holding that it would remap its border after Pakistan and India settled the Kashmir dispute." It may be mentioned here that earlier China had started issuing stapled visas to the Kashmiris by declining to consider them as Indian citizens due to disputed nature of Jammu and Kashmir.