A lot of hue and cry was raised when Mr Qayuum Jatoi, a state minister in PM Yusuf Raza Gilanis cabinet talked about equal opportunities and equal rights for all to enjoy the fruits of corruption. Qayuum Jatoi, a close confidant of the PM and his party boss was forced to resign. He may not be in office, but his doctrine has survived. The latest beneficiaries of equal opportunities in corruption are officials of the Ministry of Haj, and national airline. Qayuum Jatoi was right in criticizing the judiciary for being an impediment in spreading the fruits and benefits of corruption to all sections of our society and amongst the non-privileged sections of all federating units. I fail to understand why this hue and cry, when officials, bureaucrats and tour operators involved in Haj were given equal opportunities and their fair share. This government has a point scoring reward scheme for those who compete and excel in the science and art of corruption. The latest beneficiary is the Chairman NHA, whose father lived in an 8 marla house in Lahore Mozang Saadi Park and is now a billionaire with assets reported to be located in Europe, Gulf and Canada. He has been given an extension like others rewarded for excellence in art of corruption and pilferage. Similar extensions have been given in a very transparent manner to others across the board in PIA, OGDC, NICL, TCP, FIA, NAB, SNGPL, KPT, PEPCO, PASSCO, PCB, NBP etc without any discrimination as to caste, creed or language. SHAHZAD KHALIL, Lahore, December 12.