This is apropos Nabeela Hayats letter on the heinous practice of domestic violence and fabrication of false cases following divorces that have assumed an alarming state. There should be no doubt in any bodys mind that Islam forbids physical abuse of women and makes it a mandatory obligation for a man to provide for maintenance of his children, as long as they do not become self sufficient. It is double jeopardy for the abused women and her unfortunate family to endure the mental and physical torture following divorce and facing the barrage of fabricated cases filed to dissuade the women from seeking her rights. I am personally aware of the divorce case of a woman in Lahore. The divorce followed a violent attack on the wife, causing severe injury on her skull. The matter had to be referred for medico legal documentation, as required by the hospital to provide urgent medical attention because of profuse bleeding. After the abused wife had filed for maintenance of two children born out of this wedlock and the criminal case for physical assault or domestic violence, there were a number of fabricated cases filed against her by the husband. He had of course a lot of clout. Unfortunately, such kind of harassment following abusive divorces have become a norm. Prominent lawyers and human rights activists of repute, like Asma Jehangir, Iqbal Hyder, Aitzaz Ahsan, Hamid Khan must take pro active measures to eradicate this anti-Islamic human rights violation of women. ALI MALIK TARIQ, Lahore, December 18.