ISLAMABAD - WikiLeaks disclosures exposing the nerve-wrecking accounts of tyrant practices inflicted on Kashm-iris by Indian forces aptly throw light on the endlessly compromising position of Uncle Sam towards its blue-eyed Indians. On one hand, the US wants Pakistan launch North Waziristan offensive at any cost immediately, even if it is detrimental to Pakistans national interests, while on the other hand, Uncle Sam stands devoid of a word of condemnation when it comes to the Indian-sponsored terrorism in Kashmir. Thankfully, the US diplomats were reportedly 'concerned about the brutal killings of Kashmiris in Indian Kashmir at the hands of Indian Army, it, however, is a separate story why these omnipotent diplomatic circles could not move an inch to stop the ever-growing violence in IHK. Just recently, the abominable steps taken by the Indian forces to keep the Kashmiris away from celebrating Ashura with religious reverence unfolded new heights of barbarism, failing to attract the attention of international community. The US and its buddies that hardly spare an opportunity to ridicule Pakistan in every possible way, remained silent, like always, to the coercive measures taken across the Occupied Valley ahead of last Thursday and Friday to stop the peaceful Kashmiri mourners from organising processions on Muharram 9 and 10. Mirwaiz Umer Farooq, Syed Ali Gilani, Shabbir Shah, Bilal Lone, Abbas Lone, Sarmad Dar and other senior Kashmiri leaders were set to celebrate Ashura solemnly before they were forcefully confined to their homes. This happenned ahead of every important religious, social and political occasion. The last two Eids, the US President Barrack Obamas visit to India in which he kept criminal silence over Kashmir issue, Human Rights Day and now Ashura Indian forces made sure on every occasion that Kashmiri leaders be restricted to the four walls of their residences to disrupt their contacts with Kashmiri public. On Thursday night, soon after he was house arrested, The Nation telephonically spoke to Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, hours after WikiLeaks exposures on Kashmir had appeared on the whistle-blower site. The WikiLeaks revelations contain no surprise but still we are thankful to the website for making them public, its better late than never, he told this scribe. Mirwaiz said that the cables gave accounts of previous years while the prevailing situation in IHK was worst than ever. What is going today is unprecedented, it could have hardly happened in the history of any freedom movement, he said. Mirwaiz was scheduled to join Muharram processions and lead public congregations but was house-arrested because the Indian forces had smelled some 'treacherous plot in these processions. The Karbala tragedy touches the heart of every Kashmiri because it is the unprecedented example of sacrifice in the history of mankind. We, the Kashmiris, would keep trying to extend our maximum participation on this occasion and the cowardly acts of Indian forces cannot deter us, he said. All the mega processions scheduled to have been taken out from Srinagar, Baramula, Sanwaar, Kupwara and related suburbs on Thursday and Friday were not allowed to have taken place by the Indian forces and curfew was imposed instead, thus denying the Kashmiris their fundamental right to worship.