Legendary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz was once asked about his prediction on Pakistan in wake of some break-up fears during his times, he responded by saying, I dont know about break-up but for me worrisome is that it might not continue with as it is. Faiz perhaps wanted to underline that continuum of ad-hocism as more dangerous than the actual break-up. In the present political scenario especially after the JUI-F of Fazl-ur-Rehman had withdrawn from the coalition government, the PPP led set-up or the so-called democratic dispensation appeared to be in danger. But a variety of analysts and politicians that this scribe touched for background interviews on the current situation and seeking their foresight responded in the same manner in so many words as Faiz had replied to the questioner. Hameed Gul, former chief of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) was courageous enough to say this on record that the PPP-led political set-up would continue at least till the Americans begin their withdrawal from Afghanistan as per their announcement in April 2011. They Americans, he added, want the army to step in so that they could use it for an early operation in North Waziristan. They have exploited the absence of legitimacy of successive governments for years, he added. However, he rushed to rule out the possibility of military takeover as he said it would be disaster, pushing Pakistan another 50 years back in history. According to farmer spymaster, the army has been successfully achieving its targets and was quite well serving strategic interests of the country. He described three major issues the country was faced with namely the American required revision in blasphemy laws, and operation in North Waziristan and last but not the least the economic difficulties. Now the army has no magic wand to solve the economic problems like the reform general sales tax, he added. Like other political analysts, Gul was also of the view that the main opposition leader Mian Nawaz Sharif would not like to form his government in the event of an in-house change or even after so-called mid-term elections. He is enjoying his rule in Punjab (more than 50 per cent of the country) and living like kings, why should he shoulder the crucial responsibly of govt in the centre at such a critical juncture of time especially when he knows that deliverance to the Americans was not possible. Policy of ambivalence, he said, currently suits Pakistan, as Pakistans former troika including the then Army Chief General (Retd) Aslam Baig, President Ghulam Ishaq Khan and former PM Benazir Bhutto had used nuclear ambivalence strategy. Harsh weather in Waziristan areas could be used as an immediate excuse to delay the operation till next spring at least, he added. Still, he feared that Americans might force Pakistan to initiate an early operation in North Waziristan, that would also be disaster as We would make future Afghanistan our enemy. Leader of a party in the ruling coalition talking to this scribe off the record said that withdrawal of Fazl-ur-Rehman from the government was only for short-term gains. He observed that the MQM another estranged partner would not dare to leave the government. Another politician requesting not to be named said that the ultimate target of the JUI-F was to get the portfolio of Religious Affairs Ministry. This entire drama of withdrawing from the government was for adjustments in the given portfolios and it would certainly end when they (JUI-F) would get the portfolios of their choice, he added. A political analyst requesting anonymity said that the future of the JUI-F being a politico-religious party was in danger because of staying in the government that was under acute pressure of revising blasphemy laws and carrying out operations in North Waziristan. That is why he (Fazl) rushed to join the all parties conference defending the blasphemy laws. A stalwart politician-cum-analyst requesting not to be named shared the opinion that the ad-hocism would prevail through the next calendar year. There would be re-alignments in 2011 for preparations of the next general elections. And the local bodies elections hopefully early next year would be rehearsal for general polls ahead, he maintained. He simply ruled out possibility of army takeover or what is being termed as a 'national consensus government. He was of the view that even after withdrawal from the federal cabinet Fazl-ur-Rehman was still holding the lucrative slot of Chairman Kashmir Committee and his partys Muhammad Khan Sherani was Chairman of Council of Islamic Ideology both with the status of a federal minister. He said it was a point to ponder that the PML-N the main opposition party was guaranteeing the longevity of the PPP rule in centre for obviously reason to continue its own rule in Punjab.