WikiLeaks still have as their main target the Muslim world, but so widespread, persistent and glaring have been examples of Indian misbehaviour that they needed to be exposed, just as the duplicity of the USA, which is proving itself no friend of either Pakistan or the Kashmiri people. WikiLeaks have uncovered a cable from the USAs New Delhi Embassy which was no less than five years old, in which Washington was told that India was systematically torturing Kashmiris seeking freedom. However, the USA ignored this report showing once again that it turned a blind eye to human rights abuses by governments of countries it favoured, like India or Israel. Though, like the WikiLeaks generally, this is not really a revelation, it does show that the Americans know what the Indians are up to, and are ignoring this defiance of human rights because they wish to use India for their own purposes. It also shows that the USA is probably turning a deliberate blind eye to the current freedom movement in Kashmir. How far it is prepared to go is shown by its ignoring what Rahul Gandhi told its Ambassador about Hindu extremists, and which he cabled to the USA last year. Mr Gandhi believes that these extremists are a greater danger to India than Muslim militant groups based in Pakistan. This statement is all the more surprising because Mr Gandhi is the great-grandson of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who as Prime Minister and earlier as leader of the Congress Party, used these same Hindu-supremacist forces to rule. However, as the uproar in India over his remarks has shown, the Hindu extremist forces are now more inclined to the BJP, and the Congressite Mr Gandhi finds himself in political opposition to them, with criticism of extremists being taken by the BJP as aimed at itself. It seems, judging by the USAs own reporting mechanism, as exposed in the WikiLeaks, that India is engaged in the most egregious repression in Held Kashmir, and has not tackled the issue of Hindu extremism. Though there will most likely be further revelations of American knowledge of deliberate Indian deviations from the ideals it espouses verbally, the USA will probably go on ignoring these because it needs India to act as its regional counterweight to China. The revelations should also work to galvanise the Pakistani government into pressing the Kashmir cause in world capitals, using this new evidence to prove its case. In particular, it should apply pressure in Washington, where it can now assume prior and independently confirmed knowledge of its statements. This is the moment to be seized, and the government should show no hesitation in doing so.