Katt Williams faces $578k fine

MUCH acclaimed comedian Katt Williams is hogging the spotlight these days but not for reasons his fans would be very proud of. According to recent reports, the noted comedian has been slammed with a fine for supposedly instigating his dog to launch a vicious attack on the pet canine of a leading record producer It has been reported that an Atlanta court has ruled that Katt Williams would have to shell out an amount estimated to be more than $500,000 to record producer Merion Joseph Powers with regard to the incident. According to the complaint that had been filed by the record producer, Katt owed him a considerable amount of money but failed to pay his debts despite being asked to so on numerous occasions.Thaindian News Merion Joseph Powers went on to claim that not only did the popular comedian fail to repay the money, he used his pet dog to intimidate and threaten him while even going to the extent of instigating his pet to go and attack the record producers own dog. Given the fact that following the incident, his dog was left with life-threatening injuries, Merion Joseph Powers took the decision for filing a legal complaint. A judge in Atlanta court recently ruled in favor of the recording producer ordering Katt Williams to pay a whopping $577,929 in damages, reports have revealed. However, neither Katt Williams nor any representative of the renowned comedian and rapper have been available for any kind of comments in this regard. Thaindian News

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