LAHORE With the purpose to minimise government liability and reduce complaints of supply of substandard wheat, the Punjab Government has offered the flour millers to procure the commodity, store at own premises in silo bags and make payments at the time of grinding, The Nation has learnt. After getting feedback from the stakeholders, the Punjab Food Department will forward summary to the Chief Minister for final approval. The Punjab Food Department has asked the Pakistan Flour Mills Association to submit proposals after discussing the idea in detail with all the stakeholders. As per the offer made by the Punjab Food Department, the flourmills can procure wheat directly from growers, store the commodity at own premises after shifting it in silo bags and use it for grinding when required and according to own needs. The Government will pay the mark up on the money borrowed by millers from financial institutions for the procurement of wheat, throughout the storage period till its grinding. The millers will bear the cost incurred on storage of wheat in silo bags. Silo is airtight, three layer polyethylene that keeps out air and light. Silo bag life is 12 months when stored in the open. Bags can be stored anywhere as long as the ground is clean, well drained and free of sharp objects. According to the officials, the idea if implemented will reduce government liability for the procurement and storage of wheat for the flourmills. The government needs to get private premises on rent for the storage of wheat. Besides spending money for the procurement of wheat and bearing rental cost, the government also needs to hire manpower or deploy own guards to look after the premises. The implementation of the idea will at least relieve the government from directly procuring and storing wheat at rental premises besides putting to an end the incidents of theft of the commodity. This will also put to an end the complaints of flour millers regarding supply of substandard wheat from government owned godowns.