President Asif Ali Zardari has held out assurance to MQM to alleviate their reservations saying MQM is a vital partner of ruling coalition and working relationship with them will not be allowed to be undermined. President Zardari said this during his meeting with MQM delegation which called on him in the presidency on Monday. MQM delegation was led by federal minister and MQM parliamentary leader Dr Farooq Sattar. Interior Minister Rehman Malik, law minister Babar Awan and others were also present on the occasion. According to the Online News Agency MQM expressed their reservations in the backdrop of the situation arising out of interior minister Sindh Zulfiqar Mirza statements during the meeting. President Asif Ali Zardari assured that all the concerns of MQM would be allayed and working relationship would be strengthened with them. Talking to media men after the meeting, MQM parliamentary leader Farooq Sattar said his party had apprised president Zardari of their reservations. There was only one point agenda in the meeting that statements given by Zulfiqar Mirza had affected working relationship between PPP and MQM. We want our grievances are redressed related to these statements, he added. President Zardari had said he had taken notice of the statements given by Zulfiqar Mirza and assured he would take action on this count, Farooq Sattar told. It is now upto him what action he takes, he added. MQM is a political force and the statements which have come from Zulfiqar Mirza have not only given rise to misperceptions but also they have provoked outrage among the people. Assurance held out by president Zardari is satisfactory, he added. He was of the view that the country could not afford instability. We will continue with responsible politics and whatever decision we will take it will be in the national interest, he remarked. President would remove such misconceptions fully, he hoped. Talking to journalists, interior minister A Rehman Malik and law minister Babar Awan said coalition government was facing no problem in the center. Democratic forces would play their respective role for fortification of democratic order in the country. President Zardari had assured MQM that their concerns would be addressed. Final decision would be taken by president Zardari in this respect, they added. MQM leadership would also be taken into confidence. The wishful thinking from certain elements that MQM would part ways with the government would not materialize, they underlined. PPP-MQM friendship would continue on sound footing, they underscored.