ISLAMABAD - President PML-Q (Likeminded) Senator Salim Saifullah Sunday said that his party was not joining the govt and any decision in this regard would be taken with the consensus of top party leadership and other parties, which were in constant contact with them. Addressing a party meeting, he said, "We believe in democracy and if we had any interest in the govt, our party would have been a part of it." Saleem Saifullah maintaned that Likeminded held meeting on Dec 15 and it was decided that the decision would be taken with consensus. "We discourage dynastic politics, and individual decisions have no place in our party politics and such type of decisions is taken place in those parties where dynastic politics have deep roots. Several other parties are in constant contacts with us and any decision to join government will be taken with consensus," Saifullah said. He said that PML-Q (Likeminded) highly valued the interests of Pakistan and it would play its pivotal role to pull the country out of the existing crisis. He said that every Pakistani was concerned over the critical situation Pakistan was facing right now but "we would never support any unconstitutional measures in the country." He at the same time said that the rulers had broken the confidence of the nation and it was the need of the hour that all parties should join hands to save Pakistan.