LAHORE - Pakistan Christian Democratic Alliance (PCDA) announced to stage protest demonstrations and rallies against the blasphemy laws and for release of Asia Bibi on Christmas Day (Saturday). Representatives of some 32 different Christian organisations met at National Council of Churches in Pakistan (NCCP) on Sunday to discuss the issues facing by the community. Christian leaders including Joseph Frances, Yaqoob Paul, Aslam Pervez Sahotra, Michel Javed and others while talking to press briefing after meeting said they had decided to launch a campaign for repeal or removal of blasphemy acts, 295 B/C. They said the campaign would start from Lahore on the occasion of Christmas. They further said the blasphemy law was always used for personal grudge and more than 35 Christians were murdered just because the existence of blasphemy law. Pakistan Christian National Party Chief Joseph Frances said all the Christians w hoist black flags to show their protest on the occasion of Christian. Responding to a question, he said they did not want confrontation with the Muslims but peaceful protest was their right. He urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of the persons who filed fake blasphemy cases against the Christians. Christian leaders become harsh while talking about the role of Punjab government to protect the rights of the minorities saying they feared that Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah will make Aasia Bibi murdered. They said Punjab government was working under the agenda of Taliban. They called the Muslim clerics to come on the table for dialogue on the issue of blasphemy law so it could be resolved peacefully. The organisations including Pakistan Christian National Party, Maseeha Millat Party, Human Liberation Commission of Pakistan, International Minority Alliance, Christian National and Liberation Fronts, All Pakistan Maseehi Itihad, Human Rights Focus, Pakistan Christian Movement, Christian Labour Party, Pakistan Christian League and others are included in the alliance.