The desperate PPP is caught in its own web. It has failed to provide good governance, control rampant corruption and contain law and order. Its political graph has nosedived and its graph has hit bottom, political observers believed. Under this paralysing scenario the PPP is trying to find an escape route to detach itself from an unmanageable situation, which has brought it nothing but bad name. The PPP top hierarchy, which has been dubbed by the political analysts as street-smart, is trying to create a situation, which can provide it a way out from a critical situation. Recent petard from Sindh Home Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza accusing one of its leading coalition partners of target killing and extortion is not an involuntary emotional statement but a pre-planned and tailor-made to trigger a crisis in the province which will divert the attention of the nation from the real issues especially the people facing miseries in the aftermath of super flood. Sacking of JUI (F) Minister Azam Swati look to exacerbate the rising tension and to alienate one of its staunch allies which has stood with the PPP through thick and thin in governance. These two incidents as expected by PPP planners have delivered what was expected by the party. It has created a sense of urgency and political instability as the opposition parties rush to compound the complicated situation. The political situation in the country may look desperate and difficult but in fact it is not as grim as the events suggest. All political stakeholders including PPP are aware that taking over governance at this crucial stage would be suicidal. The opposition desperately wants PPP to complete its remaining two and half years in the government and would not ready to take over the country which is at its worst politically, economically and law and order wise. Even the jackboots, which in the past had taken over the reigns of administration with the slightest hint of the mis-governance is ready to do so now because the country is totally ungovernable due to the misdeeds of the ruling party. At one side, the PPP is ready to be the sacrificial goat and give up power to the machination of the opposition so that they were seen as martyr of democracy. But the political parties are smart and wise. They would like PPP to carry its own cross and hang itself by the noose of mis-governance and corruption, which have devastated the economy of the country. Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza has done a good job and should be rewarded with a civil honour for his dis-service to the party. But the loud speaking minister, husband of the National Assembly Speaker Dr. Fehmida Mirza, did not do on his own whatever he did. It was part of the plan that the PPP is trying to chalk out to surrender power which will provide it an escape route. However, the PPPs wishes would not be fulfilled as the Opposition is playing its cards very close to its chest and would like to see PPP totally discredited and proved that the party has lost the charisma of Bhuttos and it incapable of governing. Once the general perception that the PPP had failed despite given full authority to run the country, grow and take roots in the minds of public, the PPP would loose the battle with its own constituents. It would have no face to go to the people in the next elections asking for their votes and with the promise to give them the moon. PPP is certain to completes it full tenure of five years in Islamabad and by the time when 2013 general elections comes, it would be the most discredited, incompetent party. The electronic media and political discussion that are aired 24 hours a day and seven days a week, is exposing the incompetence of ruling party and its leaders, the political analysts conclude.