LAHORE - The PML-N spokesperson, Ahsan Iqbal on Sunday pointed out that President Asif Ali Zardaris letter had not yet reached PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif, but the same had been issued to the media which showed lack of seriousness on governments part on the issue. In a press statement, Ahsan said it seemed as if government wanted to do media diplomacy through the letter. He said that as per media reports, President has, in his letter, extended hand of friendship towards PML-N, but his party thought that government should consume its energies on eradication of corruption instead of making friendship with it. According to him, present government had broken all previous records of corruption which had become a cancer for countrys economy. He said PML-N Chief in his letter had given very simple and feasible proposals to end corruption and price hike, but the government had once again avoided taking practical steps in this regard by making mere pledges. Talking about imposition of RGST, Ahsan said that had the government accepted PML-N proposals on the issue, it would have generated three times more resources than the expected revenue from controversial levy. He said his party was opposed to RGST as it will bring a Tsunami of price hike. He said government just needed political will and effective actions to end corruption rather than PML-N cooperation. He affirmed that PML-N had always extended its unconditional support to all those actions taken in countrys interest, but it will stand like an iron wall before the actions taken against peoples interest. The PML-N spokesperson said that his party would come up with its formal reaction after detailed examination of President Zardaris letter when it is received to the party chief.