KARACHI - The first and important meeting of the governing body of the Pakistan Tennis Federation after recent election was put off for four days as newly-elected head of the body IG police Islamabad Syed Kaeleem Imam was busy in VIP duty at the Federal capital, it was learnt. The meeting, which was scheduled to be held on December 18, will now take place on December 23 to take up important agenda which includes elections of office bearers of the PTF and discuss other matters related to the sport. In the recent elections, the president, treasurer and secretary of the PTF were elected and various other offices would be filled in the coming meeting. When the PTF decided to call the meeting a day after Ashura, it forgot note that from December 18 onwards, the entire administration of capital city would be busy in the arrival of the premier of Peoples Republic of China Wen Jiabao who would be in the capital on an official visit and that local police and other law enforcement agencies would be busy on security duties. Syed Kaleem Imam, being the head of the local police, would be extremely busy during the visit and he would not be available to attend the meeting which is an ordinary event in comparison to the visit of countrys most important dignitary. While deciding the date for the meeting, the PTFs secretary missed the impending visit of the Chinese dignitary and in a rush announced December 18 at the date of the meeting. Visits of high profile political dignitaries are arranged many days ahead of the arrival of such high profile personalities and every government official and particularly the police department is aware of the dates of arrival. However, despite knowing the programme of the VIP from the friendly and neighbouring China, the PTF head approved the date which had to be readjusted. Taking over the administrative reins of Syed Kaleem Imam had promised to give time and attention for the promotion and development of sports in the country from grass root to international level. The meeting, besides electing various new office bearers, is expected to discuss working of its affiliated units and asses their working in the past. It may also take up requests from some of its associate members for elevation to full voting membership. One such associate member is Subh-e-Nau which in the past many years had been the most active member than full members, holding a number of national and regional events carrying good prize money. Subh-e-Nau had generated funds and sponsorship on its own. and organised a number of events particularly exclusive ladies events. They may also bring to the notice of other members shifting of Caltex Techron Open tennis to Islamabad from Karachi. The STA may also take up the issue of one allegedly unauthorised person representing the STA in the recent PTF elections. That particular gentlemen is expected to get some important office in the new set-up though he does not represent any full member.