Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Monday again made it clear that Opposition must play a constructive role adding it must immediately halt meetings with foreign diplomats urging government is extremely serious to eliminate the menace of corruption. Replying to points raised by the leader of opposition in National Assembly on Monday , Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik went on to say that government has never taken dictation from foreign countries adding we have our own policies and stance is crystal-clear when national interest of the country is taken into consideration. He told the House that those who level allegations against us of taking dictation from outside we see snaps of such opposition leaders meeting with foreign diplomats after repeatedly telling them to avoid such meetings but they say that some of the opposition leaders invite foreign diplomats personally if not in Islamabad then in Lahore and Karachi thus violating diplomatic laws and norms in this regard. Opposition must promise not to meet them adding House must constitute a committee that must make a law that opposition must not meet foreign high ups without taking government in confidence. Regarding corruption, Rehman opine that it is undoubtedly a menace and we have establish a committee in which the culprits will be unveiled adding a report will be presented in the National Assembly. We are still probing Hajj Scam adding the heinous perpetrators will not take a sigh of relief until rigorous punishment from the law authorities. He further told the House that that he has formally requested Prime Minister for immediately approving Accountability Bill while he also mentioned that the survey conducted by the Transparency International is unsatisfactory terming it false and fabricated. He said that NAB is playing a pivotal and unbiased and impartial role to unveil the culprits behind corruption adding NAB and FIA are our trust worthy organisations and we are proud of them urging clash of institutions in not our cup of tea. Rehman Malik said that some anti state elements want to destabilize it however they would not be allowed to be successful in their notorious aims. Rehman said that there is no last word in the politics and all options are opened, adding that he had not contacted with MQM over the recent issues. MQM is an independent political party while PPP is separate party and had its own manifesto, he added. He further said that Media Trial of the Government is not fair at any cost urging abusing us in private programs is not what I called democracy.